Engineering Carnival makes for a ‘sweet’ Friday

This article was published on on Oct. 21, 2013.


For the students at Rowan’s Engineering Carnival, shoving a whipped-cream pie into professors’ faces was just the cherry on top of the liquid nitrogen-made ice cream.

The carnival, which took place on the Rowan Hall green on Oct. 18, invited all engineers to take a break from their studies to enjoy some music, games and food.

Between eating fried Oreos, funnel cake and corndogs, students participated in activities and yard games such as a pie- eating contest, a water balloon toss, Dunk-the-Dean and Pie-a-Professor. A liquid nitrogen ice cream stand was also set up, along with a toppings bar, where students watched as ingredients such as cream, sugar and vanilla extract, combined with liquid nitrogen, made ice cream once stirred.

One of the six professors to get pied during Pie-a-Professor was electrical and computer engineering professor Robi Polikar. He said the event was a good way for students to take a break from their school work and have a good time.

“The students had a lot of fun,” Polikar said. “It’s fun to do this every once and a while. The students get out of class and have fun and enjoy.”

The dean of the College of Engineering, Tony Lowman, got dunked in a tank of water during Dunk-the-Dean. Although he was shivering, he thought the carnival was a good way for students to meet and get excited for the rest of the year.

“It’s a mid-semester break for the students,” Lowman said. “It gives them a chance to unwind, welcome the freshmen, welcome everyone back. I hope this is a good opportunity to build community among the engineering students and also let them kind of relax, enjoy themselves. They work very, very hard.”

Among the group of students clad in red T-shirts saying “Rowan Carnival” was junior electrical and computer engineering major Sean Myers, who beat eight other students in the pie-eating contest.

“[The carnival is] a lot of fun,” Myers said. “The students seem to be enjoying it. There’s a warm feeling in the air. Everyone is kind of relaxing. It’s a gorgeous day, the food is great.”

Gina Tierno, a junior chemistry engineering major and academic senator for the College of Engineering, said that although the carnival fell on Homecoming Weekend, it was not a Homecoming event.

“Next year we’re trying to make it earlier in the year as a freshman carnival,” Tierno said.